About Us

About our company

Tri-Hunter Refuse, LLC

We are a fully-insured, professional valet trash pickup management service. We work with condos, apartments and gated communities. We are active member of the Atlanta Apartment Association, Georgia Apartment Association, and National Apartment Association.

Tri-Hunter Refuse, LLC is a family owned business operating from the love that we have for each other as we provide affordable, courteous, professional, and reliable service to our clients.

THR is legally incorporated and licensed, and fully insured.

By delivering environmentally-friendly bags of trash and refuge from the residence doorstep to the on-premise dumpster or trash compactor, We strive to give our clients the best service based on our motto of:
" Family First - Clients 2nd to None"

Richard G. Hunter, President and CEO is one of the three founders of Tri-Hunter Refuse, LLC.

Is a devoted husband to his lovely wife Melita, and Father to five beautiful daughters.

Has a heart for serving people such as Cub and Boy Scouting, Church Ministry, Career Day at local schools, Special Olympics, etc.