Our Services

Our Serivces

  • Deliver environmentally-friendly bags of trash and refuge from the doorstep to the on-premise dumpster or trash compactor
  • Provide residual income to Property-management establishment
  • Employment opportunities for the community


  • Reduce your spending cost by receiving free trash bags.
  • Improve the environment from possible garbage spills by having your trash delivered to the dumpster by a courteous professional.
  • Eliminate going to the dumpster while it is raining, snowing, cold or hot weather, stormy or other inclement weather conditions.
  • No more trips to the dumpster during potentially harmful nighttime hours.
  • No more transporting trash bags to the dumpster on top of or in your vehicle.
  • No more encounters with dirty, smelly, overflowing dumpsters.
  • Eliminate carrying garbage bags down potentially dangerous stairs.

Valet Trash Process:


Residents place trash bags and cans outdoors before 8:00 PM daily.


THR collects trash daily starting at 8:00 PM


Residents may bring trash can inside after receiving text message that the trash has been collected or wait until the next morning.

Customer Service - Client and Residents Concerns

Call Us At 404-307-0111 or email Us at trihunter2016@gmail.com if your trash does not get collected, or for any other matters concerning our valet trash service - we Guarantee our Services.